Patient Account Services, Inc. (PAS) has partnered with CareTracker medical software to provide you with unlimited access to your patients’ charts and medical records from any internet connection.

With CareTracker's Meaningful Use certified, web-based software, you’ll be able to approve refill requests, review lab results, document patient charts and more from anywhere in the world, while communicating with your office staff quickly and efficiently; improving the quality of care while reducing costs.

Because the software provides electronic filing, you’ll never again have to worry about lost lab results; lost, misunderstood, delayed prescription requests; or any other break in the customer-care-chain. You can even scan-and-save hard-copies of documents into the software to further guarantee complete records, safely stored.

CareTracker’s automated processes also allow you to work on patient records on an exception-basis; freeing up valuable time for better patient-care. You’ll get critical information at a glance whenever there’s an out of the ordinary lab-result or poor drug interaction, as well as additional care guidelines for the patient.

We also provide practice-wide protocols to monitor patient populations within your practice, as well as automated follow-up notifications and patient reminders for follow-up care.

And while you’re streamlining your processes on the back-end with practice-management software, CareTracker’s portal opens the doors of communication with your patients, giving them clearer insight into their own healthcare and helping you communicate with the better to provide higher-quality health care.

The secure portal includes a virtual library of easy-to-understand medical reference material for your patients to browse at their leisure, including:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Procedure Recovery Guides
  • After-Care Instructions

Patients will also have access to their own medical records and personal health information so they can take charge of their health and stay up-to-date on their diagnoses, prescriptions, allergies, and vaccination schedules. You’ll also use the portal to communicate important information to your patients, such as lab results, medication lists, and appointment reminders.

A well-informed patient is a happy, healthy patient!

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